Eleven mini-symposia (MS) are organized:

  • MS 1.- Title: Geometric uncertainties
    Organizer: Marc Dambrine (UPPA).
    Participants: Virginie Bonnaillie-Nöel (ENS Ulm), Marc Dambrine (UPPA), Charles Dapogny (LJK-Grenoble) and Helmut Harbrecht (Universität Basel, Switzerland).
  • MS 2.- Title: The regular polygon of N+1-bodies problem
    Organizers: Manuel Palacios and Alberto Abad. (GME, Zaragoza).
    Participants: V. Lanchares, P. Yanguas, D. Casanovas, M. Palacios
  • MS 3.- Title: Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with Applications to Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics
    Organizers: Jacqueline Fleckinger (Toulouse) and Peter Takac (Rostock).
    Participants: J. Hern‡ndez, C. Amrouche, B. Alziary, M. Cuesta
  • MS 4.- Title: Time integrators and coupled PDEs
    Organizer: P. Poncet
    Participants: Mayya Tokman (University of Califonia Merced), "Techniques for constructing efficient exponential methods of EPIRK type and their applications".
    Robin Chatelin (ENISE, Saint Etienne), "Particle methods for non-linear Stokes equations coupled to transport of heterogeneity".
    Laurène Hume (UPPA), "Sign and mass preserving for transport and pore scale modelling of porous media".
  • MS 5.- Title: Stochastic PDE
    Organizer: G. Vallet
    Participants: Caroline Bauzet (Université de Marseille), Andreas Pröhl (Tübingen), Guy Vallet (UPPA) and Alexandra Zimmermann.
  • MS 6.- Title: Fluid Mechanics and ferromagnetism modelling
    Organizer: Cherif Amrouche (UPPA)
    Participants: O. Mohammed, A. Nafidi, S. LabbŽ, A. K. Al Sayed, A. Ghosh, H. Al Baba, M. A. Rodr’guez, J. Orellana
  • MS 7.- Title: Geometry
    Organizer: Vincent Florens (UPPA)
    Participants: Vincent Florens (UPPA), Enrique Artal (Zaragoza)
  • MS 8.- Title: Modelling and numerical methods for convection-diffusion problems with dominating convective term.
    Organizers: Carmelo Clavero and José Luis Gracia. Universidad de Zaragoza.
    Participants: R. Bermejo, G. Hauke, J. C. Jorge, C. Clavero, D. Irisarri
  • MS 9.- Title: Statistical Modelling and Inference
    Organizer: Pedro Jodrá. Universidad de Zaragoza.
    Participants: Vera Pawlosky-Glahn (Girona), Maribel Ortego (Barcelona), María Virtudes Alba-Fernández (Jaén), Pedro Jodrá (Zaragoza).
  • MS 10.- Title: Applied probability and Statistics
    Organizers: Sophie Mercier (UPPA) and Carmen Sangüesa (Universidad de Zaragoza).
    Participants: Laurent Bordes (UPPA), Javier Cárcamo (Autónoma de Madrid), Sophie Mercier (UPPA), Christian Paroissin (UPPA), Inmaculada T. Castro (Extremadura), M. Dolores Berrade (Zaragoza), Germán Badía (Zaragoza), Carmen Sangüesa (Zaragoza)
  • MS 11.- Title: Fractional differential equations and its applications
    Organizers: Jacky Cresson (UPPA), José Luis Gracia (Zaragoza), Pedro J. Miana (Zaragoza) and María Pilar Velasco (CUD, Zaragoza)
    Participants: J. Cresson, P. Patie, J. L. Gracia, José Luis Torrea (Madrid), Marta de Le—n (Madrid),